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You are special, deserving the highest quality in fabrics, workmanship and unique design that Pauleth Swimwear provides.

Pauleth Swimwear is designed for the unique woman in all of us. In this world, we are all individuals –different, unique and special, plus we LOVE to stand out.

Pauleth Swimwear is your designer of choice for unique and gorgeous bikinis that show you off as that special woman you are.
You will find, in our bikinis that cute, one of a kind, uniquely elegant and special design that will attract the attention you crave and deserve, from those around you. Because each bikini is its own exclusive design, they will add radiance to your uniqueness.
When you wear a bikini from Pauleth Swimwear you will be comfortable and confident.
You will sparkle and shine, in the uniqueness of design.

You will be the center of attention wherever you go in these bikinis.
Embrace Individuality!